Quality Control

Since its Inception, Universal Masterbatch has remained committed to offering top quality service to all its clients. The company employees a dedicated quality control team working consistently towards ensuring the production of top quality products. Right from the procurement of raw material to the final dispatch of the product, every stage is closely monitored with an intention to eliminate errors if any.

Universal Masterbatch adheres to all the quality standards set by the industry.

Our Masterbatches are produced based on the requirement of the clients. As a result, this leaves no room for dissatisfaction.

From testing the raw material to preparing samples to carry out regular checks on the inventory, thorough attention is paid to every aspect of production in order to ensure reliability and consistency.


Located at Aslali, one of the prominent transport hubs of Ahmedabad, Universal Masterbatch is best known for its efficient manufacturing processes. Equipped with highly sophisticated machinery, the company holds the capacity to produce 250 Mts/month at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Moreover, electronically controlled systems further contribute to setting up efficient weighting and packaging processes.