Universal Masterbatch has developed a special masterbatch for Roto Molding manufacturers. This Masterbatch is composed of Pigments & Additives, it does not contain any Polymer which further help to increase the Gloss, Strength & life of the end product.

Key Characteristics: –

  • Article gets good strength as you are not adding any non-virgin material like masterbatch.
  • Masterbatch is not virgin, as it has passed through heat & shear process while manufacturing.
  • Pigment particles are coated uniformly.
  • During this process, pigment is not passed through heating cycle as it is processed under 110°C.
  • Rotopre pigments gives more gloss and optimum strength of pigments, as we remove the air & water which is biggest opacifier.
  • It also eliminates the process of Extrusion.So, here processer saves per kg directly.
  • Natural pulverize polymer gives more production than precolored material & hence reduce the production cost.


Procedure to use:-

  • Mix 1% of Universal’s Roto Pre-Pigment powder with your pulverized polymer in mixer.
  • Mix it for 15-20 mins in high-speed mixer properly.
  • After it is mixed evenly, remove the compound & put it your rotational mold directly.