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Automotive & Transportation

Automotive & Transportation

Plastic materials must meet stringent requirements for the automotive and transportation industries. Parts molded materials are subjected to a very broad range of uses and environments. so they must meet or exceed color and appearance standards.

On the exterior of a vehicle, components such as bumper fascias, claddings, rocker panels, and body side.

In the interior of a vehicle, plastic parts such as door trim, instrument panels, seat belts, consoles, armrests, grip handles, seat backs, Public transport seats, dash boards, upholstery and knee bolsters are required.

  • White Masterbatch
  • Black Masterbatch
  • Color Masterbatch
  • Antioxident Masterbatch
  • U.V. Masterbatch
  • Odor Remover Masterbatch
  • Anti Scratch Masterbatch
  • Purging Compound
  • Silicon Masterbatch
  • Laser Marking Masterbatch
  • Flame Retardent Masterbatch
  • Mono Concentrates / SPC Masterbatch
  • Engineering Masterbatch
  • Metallic Masterbatch
  • Pearlscent Masterbatch

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