Adding antimicrobial additives offers a competitive edge and an economical means of increasing value and performance.

An antimicrobial masterbatch used to treat plastic and polymers extends the lifespan of finished products in a couple of ways:

Reduces Physical Degradation

When bacteria, mold and mildew start to grow on plastics, they can start to cause those products to break down. Antimicrobial additives help to inhibit the growth of microbes.  As a result, the physical degradation of plastic and polymer products is slowed.

Hinders Undesirable Odors and Staining

The same microbes that cause material breakdown can also cause plastic products to take on unpleasant odors and/or unsightly staining that make them undesirable and unusable.

These odors and stains can be prevented with antimicrobial additives by inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi before they proliferate.