Universal Masterbatch manufacture wide range of Color Masterbatches with an active color database of over 5000+ shades for all major processing methods (Blow, Injection, Extrusion) compatible with Polyolefin’s (PET & PP), Engineering Plastics like Nylon (PA 6 & PA 66), ABS, SAN, PS, PC, HIPS etc.

An accurate color matching protocol involving a comprehensive pigment library and state of the art spectrometer ensures quick and precise color matching, coupled with active color library of above 5000+ shades gives a wide color choice to our customers. We can produce tailor made masterbatches as per the customer’s requirements. We have various color shades suitable for different applications.

Our Color Masterbatches have excellent dispersion, UV and weather resistant properties, high brightness and opacity, good heat resistant & light fastness. Universal Masterbatch’s also have masterbatches with ROHS, REACH & FDA etc.

Our range includes:

  • Aesthetic solid shades & pastel colors
  • Pearlescent
  • Metallic
  • Fluorescents
  • Marble Effects
  • Transparent

Thermal stability and colour consistency are two major factors that make this masterbatch a perfect pick for plastic products. These are composed of high-grade pigments and are available in 200 different shades of colour.
As a result, one is left with a good number of colour options to choose from.


  • Insulation of cables
  • Injection-molding of household items
  • Blow-molding of bottles