White Masterbatch

Universal Masterbatch LLP proudly introduce biodegradable (compostable) plastic compound “BIOCOM” & “BIOFILL”.


Universal Masterbatch’s BIOCOM range has been specifically designed to provide the user with ease of processing and gives an excellent surface finish to the film without sacrificing its strength. BIOCOM is a compostable compound to produce bags which is compostable and fully biodegradable. BIOCOM is made from 100% biodegradable material. The functionality of the product is based on biodegradation by microorganisms in nature such as bacteria, mould (fungus) and algae. It has excellent service performance and can be totally degraded into water and carbon dioxide by microorganism after abandonment. They do not cause any pollution to the environment.
This compostable material will break down completely by biological processes in a time frame of 3 to 12month(approx.) consistent with natural materials such as food waste, without leaving any toxic or environmental damaging residue.


Universal Masterbatch’s BIOFILL is the compound which is for the processor who manufactures Biodegradable products, as price is the constraining part for this type of plastic. So Universal Masterbatch has developed BIOFILL compound which reduces the price of your Biodegradable Compound. With limited addition of BIOFILL, processor does not damage the actual property of their
compound but still able to reduce its polymer price up to 40%.


  • Carry Bags
  • Garbage Bags
  • Mulch Films
  • Moulded Articles
  • Packaging (Food, Pharma etc)