The composition of Black Masterbatch consists of 50% of carbon black content

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Black Masterbatches are used in an extensive range of products due to its properties like UV protection, jetness and conductivity to name a few. We deal with masterbatches ranging from 25% to 50% Carbon loading.

Its high surface area increases with a decrease in the particle size, which makes it one of the most highly preferred types of masterbatch. We deal with masterbatches with a particle size ranging from 10 to 120 nm.


  • Cast Film
  • Blown Film (Mono & Multi-Layer)
  • Extrusion Coating Films
  • Sheet & Pipe Extrusion
  • Thick and Thin Wall Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding
  • Roto-Moulding
  • Fibers (PET, PP, and Nylon)
  • Geo-Membranes