White Masterbatch

Laser marking offers shorter marking cycles and lower-energy marking than other methods, and for some polymers, it is the only feasible marking option. Whereas standard laser marking products typically offer either dark (light grey to black) marking on a light (or translucent) background, or light (light grey to white) or colorful marking on a dark (black) background, Tosaf offers a complete series of laser marking masterbatches, for use with a wide range of polymers and applications.
application areas for laser marking include automotive applications such as under-bonnet parts, structural components, body panels, headlamps, bumpers, electrical and electronic applications such as switches, plugs, connectors, capacitor housings, and bobbins, bottle caps, labels, and packaging. Other fields of interest are food brand packaging, home and lifestyle, and building and agriculture applications.


• Fast, Accurate and Precise
• High Contrast and High Resolution
• Applicable to Most Polymers
• Permanent and irremovable