Universal masterbatches contains a range of masterbatches that are compatible with commodity as well as some of the engineering plastics.

Universal masterbatches are based on carrier resins which have compatibility with a wide range of resins used in plastic processing. These include PE, PP and Styrenics.

Universal masterbatches help reduce inventory cost, processing time, energy and have good dispersion properties.

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  • It has no polymer, hence does not change the property of your resin.
  • No exposure to heat, hence processor gets total strength of pigment.
  • No slip additives, so no migration. Surface of molding remains always ready to take PAINT or proper adhesive on it.
  • High pigment content reduces its loading. Lesser the loading, higher is the strength like impact, tensile of molding, flexural etc….
  • Produced from standard pigments like M/s. Sudarshan Chemicals which results in to excellent dispersion.
  • We develop the pigment to its full strength at first stage itself. This results into minimum variation within the acceptable range of variation of customer.
  • Universal Masterbatch has lubricating additives which helps to reduce the AMP of the machine, hence helps in increasing of production.
  • General loading is 0.8% to 1% of Masterbatch in total batch.
  • Available in both Powder & Pellet form.
  • Easy to handle as due to it form.

Procedure to use

  • Mix recommended dosage of Masterbatch with Polymer or Resin
  • Do not add any kind of Pigment like Titanium Dioxide, Carbon etc.
  • Mix in your HIGH SPEED Mixer


Color 200 shades