White Masterbatch

Universal Masterbatch’s offer PPA Masterbatches which are high performance fluoroelastomers used in processing of polyolefin polymers. They function by continuously coating the die with a lubricating fluoropolymer which aids in processing polymers which are high susceptible to melt fracture due to high stresses they undergo at the die exit. They are used in all extrusion processes like LLDPE blown film, HDPE Pipes, PP Sheets and foams and HDPE Blow moulding. They are highly desirable during processing hexane, octane and metallocene – LLDPE which have greater tendency to melt fracture.

Key characteristics

  • Elimination of melt fracture in (m)LLDPE
  • Reduce operating pressures
  • increase output
  • Higher levels of LLDPE in LDPE blending
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Improve processing
  • Extrusion through narrower die gaps
  • Better balance of properties
  • more efficient cooling
  • Improves gauge control
  • Better optical properties
  • Reduce Die Build-up: Longer run-times in between cleaning stops
  • Reduction in gel formation during extrusion
  • Faster color change
  • Increase gloss and improve surface smoothness
  • Reduce variations in thickness profile


  • LLDPE / m-PE Blown Films
  • HDPE Pipes
  • HDPE Blow Moulding
  • PP Sheets / Foam / Corrugated Boards