White Masterbatches

We deal with masterbatches ranging from 40% to 80% TiO2 loading. White Masterbatch is widely used by the plastic industry. Apart from providing excellent whiteness to the products, it also adds brightness and opacity. These are composed of titanium dioxide, which has an average particle size of 0.19 to 0.22 micron, high refractive index and tinting strength.

Several types of white masterbatches are available, each of which is categorized based on the percentage of titanium dioxide present in the composition and the final tone required in the product.

Black Masterbatches

The composition of Black Masterbatch consists of 50% of carbon black content and therefore can be used as a black pigment in various plastic applications. We deal with masterbatches ranging from 40% to 50% Carbon loading. These masterbatches are used in an extensive range of products due to its properties like UV protection, jetness and conductivity to name a few.

Its high surface area increases with a decrease in the particle size, which makes it one of the most highly preferred types of masterbatch. We deal with masterbatches with a particle size ranging from 10 to 120 nm.

Colour Masterbatches

Thermal stability and colour consistency are two major factors that make this masterbatch a perfect pick for plastic products. These are composed of high-grade pigments and are available in 200 different shades of colour.

As a result, one is left with a good number of colour options to choose from. These Masterbatches are used in various processes such as insulation of cables, injection-molding of household items and blow-molding of bottles.

Universal Masterbatches

Involved in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive collection of Rubber Masterbatches. A masterbatch for rubber formulating consists of a mixture of rubber and one or more additives, such as carbon black, present in high concentrations. Each production batch is standardized in strength, shade, and dispensability assuring uniformity from lot to lot in operations. We offer these products at attractive and market leading prices to ensure their economic viability is maintained. The Masterbatches are extremely popular among our clients for their high quality and designs.

Additive Masterbatches

We have a wide range of masterbatches containing a variety of additives. These additive masterbatches provide the processor a way to measure precise quantities of the active ingredients like:-

Optical Brightner Masterbatch
Anti Block Masterbatch
Antioxident Masterbatch
Silicone Masterbatch
Slip Masterbatch
PPA Masterbatch
Antistatic Masterbatch
UV Masterbatch

Rubber Masterbatches

We have a wide range of Rubber Masterbatches for our clients. Formulated with high concentrations of rubber and special additives such as carbon black, these masterbatches are widely used in the rubber products. Our entire stock of rubber masterbatch is formulated in the same standards of shade, strength and dispensability. This assures uniformity in the end products of an operation. All these masterbatches are quality tested strictly, ensuring high end performance in the industries. The rubber masterbatch imparts excellent flexibility to the finished products.

PVC Masterbatches

PVC Masterbatch is heavily used in the food grade and medical grade plastic industry. These are available in a wide variety of sizes, shades and colours and possess properties such as quick dispensability, migration resistance, non-blooming and weather-resistance.

PVC Masterbatches are best suited for use in rigid and foam PVC products.

Engineering Masterbatches

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of customers, we offer an extensive range of Engineering Masterbatches. This product is provided by us as per the need of the application and used for coloring purposes in plastic and many more industries. This product is highly recommended by customers due to its best quality. Moreover, customers can avail the product from us at industry leading prices.