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Achievement – Industry Outlook

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The Indian corporate realm is moving at a rapid pace and on top of that, the pandemic outbreak has made the marketplace even more chaotic. And over the last two years, many businesses have struggled to get a foothold in the market. Leveraging its immense industry expertise and agile organizational structure, Universal Masterbatch is one pioneering business organization that was able to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever before. Universal Masterbatch is the first Indian company that produces polymer-less Masterbatch. At present the company makes Masterbatch for all polymers- PE, PP, PVC, ABS, NYLON, PET, PBAT, PTFE, PLA, POM, and Rubber to name a few. In order to successfully pull this off, the company needs to have knowledge of all polymers which is a really difficult task to manage. Fortunately for them, Universal Masterbatch has well-equipped Lab facilities along with very experienced subject matter experts as their technicians. Over the years, Universal Masterbatch has committed to never compromising on the quality of its offerings and this coupled with the utmost transparency of its operations have been the cornerstone behind its sustained success in the market. Apart from that, the company’s passion to offer the best value for money offerings to their clients has helped them not only build a positive reputation in the industry but it has also helped them to create a niche in the market.

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